Kimberly Haines
Admin Support for Health and Wellbeing Professionals.

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Answering Calls and Emails

Too busy to answer all your inbound calls and emails? I will be your call handler and email responder so that you can spend more time on income generation.

Events and Conference organising

Now with restrictions starting to lift we will be seeing more business gatherings, I can help coordinate these events to give you free time to run your event.

Diary Management

Overwhelmed with organising your own time? Let me help you so that your meetings and appointments are looked after for you.

Admin tasks shouldn't take over your time running a health and wellbeing business. If you're overwhelmed, stressed and too busy to answer emails and organise your diary then I'd love to help you.

If you are a health and wellbeing business owner, manager, coach, trainer, speaker, author or entrepreneur who is overwhelmed, juggling too much and working longer hours than you want to just to get things done - I can help.

The Health and Wellbeing Industry encompasses a wide and broad spectrum of companies and organisations and I am excited to work with you and assist you in your success.

There are seven main areas of Health and Wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational. The dimensions of wellness include: Self responsibility and Love, Breathing, Sensing, Eating, Moving, Feeling, Thinking, Playing and working, Communicating, Intimacy and Finding Meaning.

These dimensions can all translate into different business areas which I am passionate to support:

Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
Nutrition and Weight Management
Sleep Management
Anti Aging Lifestyle
Fitness and Physical exercise
Avoiding Sugar – Diabetes care
Tourism for wellness
Mind and Body Therapies Spas and Retreats
Complimentary Medicine and Treatments
General Health
Mindfulness and Meditation

You Get To:
- Work with more clients
- Earn more money
- Feel less stressed

I used to run my own holistic health business and I understand that admin can take over and leave you with too little time to grow your practice and earn more money.

For the past ten years I have worked in PA, EA and Administrative roles supporting busy teams and business owners with admin, emails and diary management.


Kimberly has an engaging personality and was a joy to work with. She demonstrated flexibility in handling the myriad of tasks - ensuring all administrative aspects ran smoothly. Kimberly has a "can do - will do" attitude to work, responding positively to anything asked of her.

Kimberly is an efficient administrator and provides helpful support, always with a smile and a can-do attitude.

When I connected with Kimberly I was struck by her calm and inquisitive nature which made me feel confident she could deliver the goods. We formed a plan and worked together over several months on a new project. Her communication was always respectful and I appreciated her ability to adapting to new ideas I wanted to try out. She's a true professional and won't let you down.

Here's what I help with...

This is not an exhaustive list - if there is any thing else that I can help you with I would be happy to discuss with you.

Diary Management

Writing copy for Blogs, Newsletters and Websites 

Customer Service

Microsoft Office

Updating Websites

Proof Reading

Powerpoint presentations

Sales and Marketing

Project Work

3 Easy Steps to work with me

Schedule a free call to find out if we're both right for each other 

I'll take care of your admin tasks

You get on with working with your clients and securing more business

You can stop spending your valuable time on admin tasks that don't generate income

Clients come to me with the never ending list of admin tasks, like responding to emails and booking clients in, sending emails to clients etc.

They are all important tasks, but the trouble is there's not enough hours in the day as well to do the client work.

I understand what it takes to run a health and wellbeing business because I used to run one myself.

For the past ten years I've been taking care of admin tasks of busy professionals, so they can get on with doing the work they love doing in their business, in the comfort of knowing that their admin and processes are being looked after.

They are less stressed, more organised, earn more money because they can generate more sales and see more clients and grow their business.

I can do the same for you.

Here's how to work with me:
I'm looking forward to seeing how I can help you.

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